A secure, quick, and easy way to organize and implement the needs of your students.

Individual Teachers

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Get a consolidated list of accommodations and mods in seconds

Our application for educators helps you stay on top of all the accommodations and modifications for your students by organizing them and keeping them in a single place online. With a push of a button you will know which students require what accommodations and modifications. So, now you can spend more time planning and implementing them instead of searching through piles of paperwork or electronic files.



Our app is built to adhere with the US Department of Education's FERPA standards for student privacy and data protection. In addition, we took steps to further secure the data using the same HIPAA standards as your doctor's office.

Here is our privacy policy if you have questions, contact us and we will be happy to address any questions or concerns.


Things to come...

Our goal is to change how educators who support children's needs are supported. In the coming months we are working features to provide easy ways to capture, review, share and discuss anecdotal data on what works for a student and progress against the student's goals with multiple team members.