Founded in 2014 by two moms who have children that required additional support. Their experience of what worked for their children's team motivated them to create Kidhoo to help other educators, caregivers, and healthcare providers to improve outcomes for all children.


Meg's story

When he was at an age when he should have been learning to speak, Megs’ son was struggling. As a precaution, they got him a private speech therapist. After several months, he made very little progress because of fragmented and at times counterproductive support. Megs used a notebook to implement a process to capture goals, observations, and activities each person was trying. This helped everyone involved to get organized and improve visibility of each person’s strategies. It also created a collaborative environment and resulted in positive outcomes. Each success rippled through the support group and allowed each person to modify strategies and activities to help her son. As a result, her son is now either at or above the level of his peer group. Megs along with other teachers, parents, and therapists carefully designed Kidhoo to enhance the process which worked for her son.