Our Mission

We believe that outcomes for children, especially those with atypical needs are inconsistent and inadequate. We also believe that it should be easier for adults who support these children to provide the right care and instruction. With nearly 90 million children globally who are considered as having one or more disabilities and the number increasing each year, we feel it is imperative to help these adults.

We found that globally, educators, caregivers, and healthcare providers don’t have enough time and have too many disjointed tools, which prevent them from consistently collaborating, coordinating, personalizing, and providing the necessary care and instruction to children. Resulting in inconsistent and poor outcomes for these children and fostering adversarial relationships between team members who support them. Our research found countless studies which prove teamwork between people who support these children leads to consistently accelerated positive academic, physiological, psychological progress for these children.

In order to improve outcomes, increase visibility, and foster teamwork we have made it our mission to equip educators, caregivers, and healthcare providers with integrated, secure, and easy to use online applications, offline tools, effective resources and contextual insights.